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Fees For Accounting And Bookkeeping Services

Find out more about how we can help you start, run, and grow a small business.

We’re pleased to offer affordable accounting services and bookkeeping services for small businesses and organizations.

We’re able to do this, in part, because our hourly rate can vary, depending on the complexity of the task. Also, we’ll custom-design our services for your exact needs – which is typically a combination of bookkeeping and CPA-level services.

Below are examples of our various fee structures.

Hourly Fees For Bookkeeping And Accounting
Our hourly rates start at just $40 per hour, and you’ll never pay for more than what you need.

Monthly Packages For Accounting And Bookkeeping
Our monthly packages start at just $300 per month and can include bookkeeping, payroll, sales tax returns, and more.

Payroll Services
If all you need is payroll services, we’d be happy to do that for you. We have payroll services packages starting at just $75 per month.

Year-End Close Of Accounting And Bookkeeping
Our year-end close of accounting and bookkeeping starts at just $300.

Special Projects For Accounting, Bookkeeping, And Tax Planning
We can work on all types of accounting and bookkeeping projects, including: business plan review, financial services, retirement planning, research and analysis. No project too big or too small.

QuickBooks Set Up, Training And Consulting
We’re QuickBooks Certified, and we’d be happy to set up your QuickBooks and/or train you and your staff on how to use QuickBooks. We can quote you a flat rate for QuickBooks set up (once we know what’s involved), and our QuickBooks training starts at just $75 per hour.

Business Plan Review
We can review all aspects of your business plan, including the financial and marketing components. We’ll take a look at your pricing, cost of goods, profit margins, inventory management, sales forecasts, monthly overhead, cash flow projections, burn rate, breakeven points, and more. Our business plan reviews start at just $375.

Business Entity Formation And Annual Entity Filings
We can provide business formation services for any legal structure you choose, including: sole proprietorship, partnerships, LLCs (limited liability corporations) corporations (S-corporations and C-corporations), and non-profit organizations (501c3). Our business entity formation services start at just $125.

We are happy to give you specific price quotes for our fees (hourly rates or packages), based on your needs. Call us to schedule your free accounting consultation!  We’ll show you how hiring an accountant can save your business money!