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Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Bookkeeper Or Accountant

If you’re just starting a small business or have been running a small business for a while, chances are that you’re being pulled in a million directions each day.

Money management and bookkeeping might or might not be one of your strengths, but even if it is, chances are that your time would be better spent concentrating on other aspects of the business.

By hiring a bookkeeper or accountant, you give yourself the chance to focus on what you do best!  You also get support as you work through and understand your financials, which is so important.

And that’s probably not filling out sales tax returns, making sure new employees are onboarded correctly, submitting invoices on a timely basis, tracking and categorizing every expense, and making sure that all of your debits and credits balance at the end of each month.

If just reading that last paragraph made you really uncomfortable, then you could benefit from accounting and bookkeeping services. If you need to justify the cost, take a look below at the top 10 reasons to hire a bookkeeper or accountant.

Set Up A Good Bookkeeping System

We can help you set up a good bookkeeping system (through QuickBooks or another accounting software) that will help you accurately track income and expenses. If everything isn’t set up right from the beginning, it can be difficult to extract the financial information you’ll need – sometimes at a moment’s notice – to make good business decisions.

Clean Up Your Bookkeeping

If you, or someone else, has made a mess of your bookkeeping, we’ll be happy to clean it up. We can get you back on track, even if you’ve co-mingled personal and business expenses, haven’t kept very good records, lost receipts, failed to submit invoices to clients, or have struggled with other aspects of your finances.

Submit Taxes And Returns On Time

You never, ever want to get behind on your taxes – with your city, Colorado, or the IRS. Once you do, it’s hard to catch up. We can help you collect and submit your taxes and returns on time, including: sales tax, payroll taxes, property tax, use tax, and more.

Keep Your Private Matters Private

By hiring us, rather than letting an employee do some or all of your bookkeeping, you can be assured that your private matters will stay private.

Prevent Fraud And Embezzlement

As we do your bookkeeping and accounting, we can also help prevent fraud and embezzlement. We can ensure that there isn’t money improperly transferred out of your account, expenses submitted twice for reimbursement, phony bills paid, or some of the other common thefts that occur in small businesses.

Pay Your Bills On Time

Late fees can take a big bite out of the budget of a small business. If you’ve fallen behind on paying your bills, we can help you catch up by paying your bills more frequently, as well as making recommendations for changes in your payment policies and vendor terms.

Pay Less Taxes

As we’re doing your bookkeeping and accounting, we’re always thinking about how you can pay less in taxes. Maybe you could set up a different retirement account, or lease your next vehicle instead of purchasing it, or deduct more home office expenses. Whatever your situation, you can rest assured that we’ll always be helping you take advantage of legitimate tax savings.

Get Big Picture Analysis And Advice

Good bookkeeping is all about the details, but it’s also about seeing the big picture of what’s going on in your business. We’ll help you keep an eye on changes, trends, and opportunities – to increase revenues and/or decrease expenses.

Stop Worrying About Money All The Time

With us at your side, you can stop worrying about money all the time. At any point in the month, we’re just a phone call or e-mail away if you have any questions. But by using our monthly bookkeeping services, you can leave the details to us. We’ll submit invoices, pay your bills, take care of payroll, and much, much more!

Stay Out Of Trouble

Finally, one of the top reasons to hire a bookkeeper and/or CPA is to help you stay out of trouble, with the IRS and in general. Most small businesses fail because of what a business owner didn’t know or didn’t do in time. By hiring a bookkeeper or accountant, you can rest easy knowing that financial problems can be caught at their earliest stages, before they spiral out of control.

Please note: Our accounting firm is in the Denver metro area. We work with small businesses in the Denver metro area and throughout Colorado (through virtual / online bookkeeping services). We have years of experience, and we can custom design an accounting package to fit your needs.