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FAQs About Accounting And Bookkeeping

We’re happy to answer any question you have about accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning, and/or our services. It’s so important to understand your financials and we’re here to help!  Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Do You Work With Clients Throughout The Denver Area?
Yes, our accounting firm is in Denver, and we work with clients throughout the Denver metro area and Colorado.

Can Someone On My Staff Do Some Of The Bookkeeping?
Yes, we’re happy to work with you or someone on your team to make sure all of your accounting and bookkeeping tasks are done properly and on time. Even if you have an employee or independent contractor doing most or all of your recordkeeping, we can still close the books and serve as a “check and balance,” which goes a long way towards ensuring accuracy and preventing fraud or embezzlement.  We can also discuss your needs to find out if you need a bookkeeper, accountant, or both.

Do You Offer QuickBooks Services?
Yes, we offer a full range of QuickBooks services, including training and consulting. We’re QuickBooks certified, and we can do your bookkeeping in QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, whichever your prefer. If your financial records are in another accounting software, we can use that software or convert you over to QuickBooks.

What If My Books Are A Mess?
If your books are a complete mess, our first job will be to help straighten them out, and we’ll do that with pleasure, and without judgement. We understand how difficult it is to run a small business and do your own bookkeeping. Once we get you on track, we’ll make sure that you stay up to date with your invoicing, bill paying, tax returns, and more.

Can You Review My Business Plan?
Yes, we love to look over business plans. We will take a closer look at all of your assumptions and financial projections, and we’ll also give you feedback on your marketing strategies.

How Much Do Your Accounting And Bookkeeping Services Cost?
The fees for our accounting and bookkeeping services vary, depending on what you need. We’re able to keep our costs affordable, in part, because you never pay for more than what you need. Our hourly rates start at just $40, and we can customize a package to fit both your business and your goals.  We sincerely believe that you can’t afford not to hire an accountant.

What are the Income Tax Rates in Colorado?

We can answer this question and more about taxes specific to the state of Colorado and also taxes related to specific cities.  Save yourself time by asking us rather than searching the internet and taking some risky guesses.  We’re here to support you and grow with you!