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We Love To Work With Start Up Businesses

We love to work with startup businesses!

If you are ready to venture into self-employment, you can start a business from scratch, purchase an existing business, or buy a franchise.

If you’re still in the exploration phase, researching all of your options, we can help you run the numbers for different scenarios, review your business plan, and fill out and file the paperwork for your legal structure (e.g. sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation).

From there, we can help you set up a bookkeeping system and train you and/or your staff on QuickBooks, or whichever other type of accounting software you prefer.

If you’d like us to do your bookkeeping for you, we can set you up on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly schedule.

In the startup phase of a small business, problems are magnified, money is tight, and it’s always a race to breakeven as soon as possible. This means that it’s critical that you look at the numbers on a regular basis and understand what they mean – and we can help you do that.

Where’s money bleeding from your business? Where could you make slight adjustments for big gains? Where are the biggest money-making opportunities? When will you breakeven? How much inventory should you keep in stock? How much should you charge for your products and services? How much money will you need to borrow? We can help you answer these questions and hundreds of others.

Because we’re CPAs – who also perform and/or supervise bookkeeping – we can provide financial analysis and tax planning as we go.

We’ll help you not only understand the numbers, but also make suggestions about what to do to correct them or capitalize on them. And we can grow with you. Maybe you only need a small amount of hours of bookkeeping and accounting right now, but as your business grows, we can provide an increased level of service that exactly meets your needs.

Please note: Our CPA accounting firm is in the Denver metro area.